Hi ๐Ÿ‘‹ I'm Ayush Sharma. I'm building To the Fediverse!

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Open source

fediverse.to is completely open source and licensed under GPLv3.

Source code on GitLab

About me

I'm Ayush Sharma, the author of fediverse.to. It's nice to meet you :)


Manage instances on fediverse.to

If you're an instance admin, you can add or remove your instance on fediverse.to.

Listing your instance

Instances and their peers are automatically listed on fediverse.to as they are discovered. Alternatively, you can also contact me directly with your instance information to get it listed.

fediverse.to follows the same Code of Conduct as Mastodon.social and Mastodon.Technology. An instance blocked by one of them will not be listed on fediverse.to.

Removing your instance

Due to the opt-out nature of fediverse.to, instance admins can contact me with the URL of their instance to get it removed.

Feature requests and bug reports.

fediverse.to is constantly improving thanks to ideas and feedback from the community. If you have a new idea, a feature request, or would like to report a bug, you can contact me or open a ticket.